Saturday, 24 February 2018

Class Treaty

Room 22 read the book 'The Treehouse Treaty'. It is about children building a treehouse and later finding it necessary to make a Treaty, with the Treehouse Rules.

We also related this to the Treaty of Waitangi which we discussed and looked at a real photograph of. The students then painted their handprints and signed them, as a symbol of the real Waitangi Treaty.
We had lots of discussion and brainstorming about excellent ideas for our Class Treaty.

Class Trophy Award!

YAY! Room 22 won the Class Award for being such awesome listeners and sitting beautifully during assembly.

Congratulations, Nathan who won a special star sticker and certificate from Mrs Venville for being so wonderful!

Koru Assembly - Certificate Time!

Look how proud, Oscar and Ryan are of their achievements!

Koru Assembly - Week 4

Room 22 sitting beautifully at assembly. Later, we won the class award for best role models.
Room 24, a Year 2 presenting their brilliant posters about a dragon.